June 14, 2016

About Open Hluttaw

Open Hluttaw is a community initiative with a core mission:  Making it easy for citizens and their parliamentary representatives to engage in an active and informed dialogue.

  • Want to find out who your representatives are?
  • Get in touch with them?
  • Cross check some facts?
  • Or Identify who belongs to a committee you care about?
  • Open Hluttaw lets you search through hundreds of parliamentary representative profiles.

Haven’t tried it? Search the database.

You can also read more about the initiative on Facebook, twitter and in our Press Kit.



An Open Project

Launched on the initiative of Myanma Fifth Estate and the Open Myanmar Initiative, Open Hluttaw is implemented as an active collaboration between civil society actors from across the civic participation sector.

Open Hluttaw is also receiving critical technical support from Sundew Myanmar and the Sinar Project Malaysia.

We work collaboratively through a steering committee and several specialised commissions.

Interested in joining us? Email us at info@openhluttaw.com. We are a dynamic and passionate community and are always keen to hear about others interested in making the parliament ever more accessible.




A Work in Progress

We’re only just getting started!

Ultimately, our goal is to build on the representative profiles to progressively add more information on their day to day activity in parliament.

Imagine being able to see at a glance which issues a representative is most involved with, how they feel about these issues and easily access their speeches or the questions they posted to the government. We’re working towards this (and much, much more!).

As you can imagine, this is time and resource intensive work. Do stay tuned as we work our utmost to bring you ever better information in coming months! And if you want to see us get there faster, well, there are plenty of ways you can contribute!

We are also hoping to expand the platform to the regional parliaments.

Got data on your regional parliament or want to get involved in collecting it? Give us a shout at contact@openhluttaw.org – We would love to hear from you!