August 22, 2017

The Open Hluttaw mobile app

A collaborative venture between Equality Myanmar and Myanma Fifth Estate that aims to empower the people of Myanmar and their Parliamentary Representatives to engage in open and informed dialogue.


Background of the Open Hluttaw initiative


– Empowering the People of Myanmar to engage their Parliamentary Representatives in an Informed Dialogue

– To improve political accountability by better enabling Myanmar citizens to access parliamentary data and engage with their parliaments and parliamentarians in a transparent, accountable, and systematic way.

It is primitive that Representatives listening to voices of their constituents and having an informed dialogue among them in democracy, especially in the transitioning ones. While the new government and MPs are trying any ways they can to keep their people informed of their nation building efforts, Open Hluttaw also aims to help play a role by using information and communication technology, and capitalizing on enormously growing rate of mobile phone (and internet) usage among people of Myanmar.

Open Hluttaw platform, was made and run in collaboration with Open Myanmar Initiative, Sinar Project. The successful launch of the Open Hluttaw platform provided a springboard for further collaboration opportunities. Equality Myanmar got involved and worked with MFE to raise awareness of the Open Hluttaw platform, through supporting the development of a mobile phone app (both for Android and iOS phone); this project was funded by the Netherlands Embassy in Myanmar.

Since it’s inception months, OMI provided data collection and processing support, while MFE provide the outreach and user interaction expertise to make the platform widely accessible and useful. Sinar support the development of the back-end (technology, database schema, server support etc) and Sundew Myanmar have provided technical support in developing the front-end (user interface experience) of the platform as a civic-centered effort of their company.

MFE, in conjunction with key partners Open Myanmar Initiative, MCERP and regional CSOs, intends to grow Open Hluttaw for the nationwide impact. 

Information currently available on Open Hulttaw is based on primary data contributed by Open Myanmar Initiative (OMI) from the Amyotha and Pyithu Hluttaws, compiled in Opendata standards used by most of the Parliamentary Monitoring and Open Government initiatives around the world. And the backend infrastructure is built primarily on Opensource technologies. This makes Open Hluttaw platform and it’s data ready for future upgrades easily, data contributions from others, or potentially in making it (and Myanmar) compatible with global platforms and practices in Open Government Data.


You can download the Open Hluttaw app from here

For Android phones – https://goo.gl/jdrGkd

To directly download app APK file for Android phones –  https://goo.gl/Q5qcVY

For iPhones – https://goo.gl/4bFV8C



  The Open Hluttaw app is supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.